New aquatic spa provided therapy for medically fragile children at Providence, thanks to generous donations

November 26, 2013
The warm, healing waters of aquatic therapy help increase range of motion, reduce pain and keep essential body systems running. For children at the Center for Medically Fragile Children at Providence Child Center, the waters can also help open a world of social and verbal skills. 

The center just opened its new aquatic therapy spa, which will be used for therapy sessions for its residents. The Center for Medically Fragile Children, offers 24-hour skilled nursing care for children with profound disabilities and complex medical needs. 

Korine and Jeremy Suess, the parents of Evie, a resident at the center, say aquatic therapy is so important for their daughter. She has a disability that makes it difficult for her to express emotions. 

“It wasn't until she started doing the aquatic therapy that we saw Evie express pleasure,” Korine said. “To try and put into words the feeling we felt after seeing her start to experience her world and enjoy it is impossible.” 

The new spa, which was hoisted by crane and lowered into Providence Child Center through the roof, replaced a well-used one. Charitable gifts to Providence Child Center made the upgrade possible, and donations also maintain the ongoing therapy sessions for the children. 

“Aquatic therapy is just one of the many unique services that Providence Child Center is able to offer kids because of our compassionate donors,” said Pat Budo, director of Providence Child Center. “With the help of those donors, we’re determined to continue to provide a continuum of care for these children.”