Farm-to-fork at Providence Benedictine Nursing Center: Farmer spotlight

September 30, 2013

Providence Benedictine Nursing Center would like to extend a great big thank you to one of the wonderful supporters in our community: Delbert and Dan Haener.

The Haeners, father and son farmers in the Donald/Aurora community, are generously donating broccoli this month through the end of the season. So far, they have donated approximately 60 pounds. 

Delbert is on our foundation board, and as soon as he heard we were beginning a farm-to-fork program, he volunteered to add to our bounty by donating fresh broccoli.  

Del and Dan are passionately committed to excellence and quality with their product, the beautiful broccoli floret. They are the only broccoli harvesters in Oregon that produce florets. This week, Debbie Culver, dietary supervisor, and Cheryl Havens, dietitian, picked up broccoli from their farm and talked with the Haeners about their crop. 

Just as we would critique an assessment or a paper just written, both father and son were commenting on how this year’s broccoli is different from last year’s by color and shape and hardiness. Their attention to detail is a true testimony to the dedication and pride in their work and harvest. We are grateful for their hard work and passion.

Farm-to-fork fresh produce
Residents have been all abuzz on the Benedictine campus with the addition of the fresh, local produce.  An Orchard House resident commented, “We absolutely love the local produce, it makes such a difference.” 

Three different residents from two different lanes made a special trip to the kitchen to compliment the chef on the fresh green beans we served last week. 

Four short-stay residents commented on the fresh steamed beets we served last week. Their eyes lit up while talking about the beets, and how it reminded them of their gardens waiting for them at home. The local tomatoes have been a hit as well, with their beautiful bright orange, red and nearly-violet colors.  

Coming soon: apples
We expect our first apples from B & P Hitz farm soon, an order of Gravensteins.We hope to purchase our apples exclusively from B & P Hitz while apples are available, which should be until next May.