Breast cancer buddies help ease the way for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients

September 06, 2013

On Sept. 15th, thousands in Portland will gather for Race for the Cure, raising funds to fight breast cancer. A breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating, frightening, bewildering – it’s all of that when your world turns upside down. For many women, being able to talk with someone who’s been there before can be just what they need at this difficult time. Breast cancer buddies – volunteers from the Providence Breast Cancer Outreach Program who have survived breast cancer and who know the ropes – can be the best friend you never knew you had. Tiffany Baker, a breast cancer survivor and volunteer with Providence Cancer Center's Breast Cancer Outreach Program, tells her story to KXL Radio and explains the importance of the program for women facing breast cancer. 

Listen to Tiffany Baker on KXL Radio: