The Joint Commission gives high praise to PWFMC

July 31, 2013
“Outstanding!” “Wow!” “Congratulations!”

Anyone would like to hear praise like that, but when it’s coming from The Joint Commission, it carries extra meaning. The commission reviewed Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center in June and reported excellent findings.

“Specifically, they were impressed by everything from our practices in our operating rooms to our documentations of our hand-hygiene compliance,” says Russ Reinhard, the hospital’s chief executive.

In a letter summarizing the visit, Reinhard mentioned one encounter surveyors had with anesthesiologist Yoram Yakimovsky, M.D.

“Dr. Yakimovsky disinfected his stethoscope before listening to a patient’s heart,” Reinhard wrote. “The physician surveyor said that 99 percent of the time he does not see anesthesiologists do this. He said it ‘blew him away.’”

The surveyors were also impressed with the way the nurses navigated Epic and found what they were looking for, especially considering that PWFMC was only nine weeks into the new system. Surveyors also noticed now relaxed and confidence team members were when questioned.

There were a few areas for improvement, Reinhard noted, but those can be remedied easily and do not require a follow-up. The hospital received accreditation for another three years.