ElderPlace in Irvington dedicates library in honor of Greenidge family.

August 20, 2012
Library dedicationIrvington Village is here today due to the vision and dedication of Pastor Greenidge
and the support of the Greenidge family. To thank them and celebrate their contributions to this community, Providence ElderPlace in Irvington Village renamed their library, The Greenidge Family Library, on July 26, 2012.

Staff, residents and community members gathered in the newly-named Greenidge Library to show their appreciation for the Greenidge family and their vision in creating the assisted living facility.

Pictured are Providence ElderPlace leaders, long-time employees, members of the Greenidge family and an Irvington Village resident: (from left): Edwina Gonzalez, Abrehet Tewolde, Fa'Lisha Ramiz-Brown, Erica Knepper, Phil Boss, Pastor Paul Greenidge, Ricky Carter, Pastor Henry Greenidge, Tanya McGee, Ellen Garcia and resident Kevin White.