It's a family affair for Providence Child Center "Heart of Gold" awardee

March 07, 2012
Nancy Lematta has seven grandchildren and three great- grandchildren. They are close-knit, and nearly all of them were onsite at Pure Space in Northwest Portland on Feb. 9 when Nancy and her family were honored with the Providence Child Center Foundation “Heart of Gold” award for their dedication in improving the lives of children with special needs.

The Lematta family business began in 1957, when Wes Lematta and his brothers founded Columbia Helicopters. Nancy and Wes married in 1962, and together they built the company into a world leader in heavy-lifting services. Since Wes’ death in 2009, Nancy has served as the company’s chairman of the board.

Nancy and Wes, and their whole family, have been among Providence’s most loyal friends. They believe in families helping families, but it is their love of children that drew them to the Center for Medically Fragile Children at Providence Child Center. Their contributions have helped to provide recreational therapy and augmentative communication programs, and specialized equipment for the 58 children who live at the center. In addition, their support has extended outreach and made it possible to provide resources for children with a wide range of disabilities living throughout the Northwest.

In addition to generous support of Providence Child Center and Providence Cancer Center, the family also has been deeply involved in many other charitable causes in the Portland and Vancouver area.      

“They are an amazing family,” said Pat Budo, administrator of the child center. “We are so blessed that they have made us part of their lives, and are so grateful for their dedication to our kids.”            

Providence Center for Medically Fragile Children is the only 24-hour pediatric skilled nursing facility in the Northwest dedicated to children with profound disabilities and complex medical needs. The center provides long-term chronic care, short-term respite care and other services.             

For more information about the Providence Child Center Foundation, call 503-215-2406.