What is ABA?

The use of Applied Behavior Analysis in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders

Join Swindells, Autism Society of Oregon and Candice Pogge in our discussion of Applied Behavior Analysis, ABA, and its role in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders in Oregon. In this training Candice will discuss:

  • What is ‘ABA’?
  • What can an ABA program look like for your child?
  • What should parents expect when starting ABA?

Candice Pogge is a Case Manager for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, CARD. She has worked in the field for over six years, has a Masters in Teaching with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis, and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She recently moved to Portland, Oregon to open CARD’s newest office location.

Adjacent to Candice’s presentation, Tobi Rates of Autism Society of Oregon will discuss recent changes to law and policy that will assist families in obtaining ABA for their child as appropriate.

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Registration instructions:

Register at www.providence.org/classes. Click on “online class catalog” and search by class name for “Swindells Center–What is ABA–Portland.” To register by phone, call 503-215-2429 or 800-833-8899 ext 52429. Spanish interpretation services are available; please call 503-574-6595 before April 12.

This workshop is free thanks to the generosity of our donors. For a certificate of attendance, there is a $25 fee.