How to help your child have a voice

Encourage functional communication and social interactions in children with limited verbal skills

Bethany Stanley-Bertoti, MS, CCC-SLP, a pediatric speech language pathologist at Providence Children's Development Institute, is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and has an extensive background in augmentative and alternative communication, AAC.

Join Bethany at this free presentation as she shares her expertise in incorporation of AAC systems (no-tech thru high tech) into a child’s existing daily routines. She will discuss methods that encourage children with limited verbal skills to engage in peer-based, social interactions in real life environments and welcomes group discussion and questions regarding communication systems and responses to real life challenges.

Goals of this presentation include:

  • Definition of AAC; low-tech – high tech
  • Understanding of scaffolding the “chain of cues”
  • Identification of 3-5 daily activities in which AAC systems and strategies can be naturally incorporated
  • 2-3 techniques to encourage independence with peers in a natural environment

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