Build a Super Summer!

Dr. Kameron Dill, Director of Pediatrics, Sundstrom Clinical Services, is a licensed psychologist who works with children and adolescents and their families to address difficulties related to child behavior, anxiety, depression, significant life changes, learning difficulties, and ADHD. In addition she has specialized training working with children with developmental disabilities and chronic illness. She seeks to provide holistic care for children and their families by working collaboratively with health care providers, schools, and other agencies.

Parenting any child is difficult; parenting children with behavioral/social/and mental health differences can be even more exhausting (and confusing)! This talk will help parents plan ahead to avoid the typical frustrations summer can produce. Although this applies to any family, Dr. Dill will focus specifically on tools that help children with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Diagnoses. Come join and get ready for a super summer. Topics include:

  • Creating successful summer goals for your child
  • Rewarding good behavior
  • Getting out of the consequence cycle
  • Setting up routines and responsibility
  • Healthy screen use
  • Family bonding activities.

Registration instructions:


Click on “online class catalog” and search by class name for “Swindells Center–Super Summer-St. Vincents.”

To register by phone, call 503-215-2429 or 800-833-8899 ext 52429. Spanish registration and interpretation services are available; please call 503-574-6595 before May 4.

This workshop is free thanks to the generosity of our donors. For a certificate of attendance, there is a $25 fee.