ADHD and Intervention

Aaron Tabacco, RN, BSN, is a current doctoral candidate at Oregon Health Sciences University, OHSU, neurodevelopmental nurse specialist, former training coordinator of nursing, and researcher with expertise in family management of childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, at the Child Development & Rehabilitation Center at OHSU. Aaron is driven in part by his personal experiences as a father of adolescent sons who each live with ADHD.

Join us as Aaron shares take home tools from a holistic viewpoint of the entire spectrum of physical, psychological, and spiritual interventions available to families and children who experience ADHD.

Discussion will include:

  • The invisible biology of ADHD
  • Assisting the body
  • Assisting the mind
  • Assisting the heart
  • Assisting the family and community

This workshop is designed for families and caregivers of children who experience ADHD.

Download a printable PDF flyer for this event.

Register with Kathy Keesee at Swindells Resource Center beginning Oct 9. Call 541-732-5958 or email Kathy. Spanish registration and interpretation services are available.

This workshop is free thanks to the generosity of our donors. For a certificate of attendance, there is a $25 fee.