Portland Timbers U-23s Providence Health and Fitness Days

This is a great community-based field trip that is easy to organize for teachers, inexpensive for students and fun for everybody.

What are the Portland Timbers U23s Providence Health & Fitness Days?

The 4th Annual Portland Timbers U23s Providence Health & Fitness Days are events dedicated to schools of all levels, including elementary, middle and high school. Our goal is to provide fun, educational activities in an engaging atmosphere to motivate students to learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Students will benefit from a variety of informative displays on topics ranging from nutrition, stretching and fitness, to sports safety, concussion awareness, and the ill effects of tobacco use.

Students will then have an opportunity to see the Timbers in action as they enjoy an exciting Portland Timbers U23s team regular season match!

Call 503-553-5404 or email with questions.

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