Providence specializes in a comprehensive approach, combining manual therapy, patient education and therapeutic exercise to enhance the recovery of our patients and return them to work and life in the shortest time possible. Here’s what to expect along your journey to maximum recovery and during your first visit to our clinic:


Your treatment begins with a focused evaluation, which includes health history and overall health assessment. A physical examination relative to your injury is then conducted to get a baseline assessment of your situation to enable us to begin the appropriate treatment specific to your needs.

Goal setting

Using information gathered during the initial evaluation, you and your therapist will establish a treatment plan and therapy goals designed to help you achieve recovery as quickly and safely as possible.


Your treatment program will initially focus on relieving your symptoms and stabilizing your condition. This will be accomplished using a wide range of interventions to facilitate necessary physical changes. Treatment then progresses to strengthening and regaining maximum movement and function without pain. Exercise and strengthening programs are tailored to meet individual goals and assist in this process. In addition, you will learn ways to prevent future problems and maintain health. You will spend every visit one on one with your same therapist.


Since your understanding and participation in your treatment program are essential to achieving your goals as quickly as possible, you will be taught strategies to take control of your body and its healing process from day one. Education is part of what we do as physical therapists. Expect to receive a home program that will include both flexibility and strengthening techniques.


Open communication is vital between you and your therapist, and we encourage you to ask questions during the course of your therapy. You should never be afraid to ask questions. It’s your body.


Throughout treatment, you will establish a relationship with your physical therapist and gain valuable knowledge that empowers you to take control of your physical health and experience the best physical health life can offer.

Your Appointment

What to wear to your PT ppointment

In order to make the most of your physical therapy sessions, we ask that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Exercise clothing, such as sweats, t-shirts and shorts are most appropriate.

What you can do

Because you are the primary focus of our care, your active participation is essential to a successful rehabilitation program. These guidelines are highly recommended to enhance the achievement of your goals:

  • Follow through with any prescribed home exercise programs
  • Report any significant changes in symptoms, medications and function
  • Keep all scheduled appointments
  • Arrive on time to all appointments to provide maximum time with your therapist