Guest Information

Visitors are welcome at any time. However, patients need plenty of rest and may have frequent tests and treatments. Visitors may be asked to briefly leave a patient's room while procedures, treatments and patient care activities are performed.

Please maintain a quiet environment for the sake of others. Cell phone conversations are best held in an area away from patients and visitors. Visiting children must be with an adult at all times. And please be considerate. If you are suffering from a cold, the flu or other communicable disease, please postpone your visit until a later date.

An automated teller machine is located next to the elevator nearest the front lobby, for cash withdrawals.

Balloons and flowers
Because of the potential for allergic reactions to latex balloons, we ask that they not be brought into the hospital. Mylar balloons (shiny plastic) are acceptable. Because of pollen and infection control concerns, flowers are not permitted in the CCU, however flowers may be brought in once a patient is transferred to the medical/surgical unit.

Two visitor's kitchens are located in the medical-surgical department. Complimentary coffee, tea and water are available for visitors. Because of health regulations, please do not enter the inner kitchen area where patient meals are kept.

The cafeteria is in the lower level of the hospital:

Monday through Friday:
Breakfast: 6:30-9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Dinner: 4-6 p.m

Saturday and Sunday:
Breakfast: 6:30-9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The soup and sandwich bar, and a variety of grab-n-go meals and beverages are available from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Vending Machines are located on the second floor near the west elevator and in the Emergency Department lobby.

Our nondenominational chapel, a quiet space for prayer and reflection, is open to all. It is located near the surgery waiting area on the first floor.

Gift shop
The hospital gift shop can be found next to the front lobby. It is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Saturday 12:30-4 p.m., closed on Sunday. The gift shop carries a variety of gift items, such as flowers, cards, books and stuffed animals. To order a gift by phone, please call 503-650-1466.

Hand washing
The most important way to prevent infections is good hand washing. All health care workers should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before caring for patients. Make sure you wash your hands, too. Even after you go home, don't forget to wash your hands before eating, drinking, or after coughing, blowing your nose, or using the restroom. Throughout the facility, please frequently use the hand sanitizer provided at our hand hygiene stations.

A wide range of health information is available to visitors in the hospital's health science library, located on the lower level. Books and videotapes may be found here on many topics, including surgical procedures, stress, diabetes, childbirth and parenting, menopause, autism, Alzheimer's, and exercise. The library's volunteer staff and medical librarian can help answer your health-related questions Monday through Thursday. Browsing is encouraged or the staff will be happy to respond to requests for information by phone 503-650-6757 or email.

Mail drop box
A mail drop box can be found next the ATM near the front lobby.

Rapid Response Team
We are dedicated to keeping the hospital a safe place for patient care. Our Rapid Response Team consists of a critical care nurse and respiratory therapist who assist with early interventions when necessary. Your nurse should be your first contact, but we want you to call for help when your loved one's medical condition is changing quickly and you feel help is needed right away. To access the Rapid Response Team, Dial 88 on the telephone in your room and press your call button. The team, which will be paged overhead, will arrive shortly to assess the situation. Additional clinical support will be called in as needed.

Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center is committed to promoting good health and disease prevention in the community. For that reason, and the hazard posed by secondhand smoke for staff and patients, tobacco use is not allowed on hospital properties, indoors or outdoors.

Vending machines
Several vending machines with snacks and drinks are located throughout the hospital. A staff member can direct you to the nearest one.

Visiting the Critical Care Unit (CCU)
CCU patients may tire easily. It is important that visits be short and that only one or two people visit at a time. If a patient needs immediate care or more rest, the nurse may ask visitors to leave. Before entering the CCU, please call into the department using the wall phone near the CCU entrance.

Providence Willamette Falls greatly appreciates the dedicated service of our volunteers, who are committed to helping us provide quality health care to our patients and their families. Volunteering offers an opportunity to meet new people, develop new skills and gain a sense of accomplishment while caring for others. If you are interested in health care and would enjoy the personal rewards of being an adult or student volunteer, contact volunteer services 503-557-2134 to learn more about our program and/or obtain an application packet.

Wireless internet access
Free wireless access to the internet is available for computers with wireless capability by logging in through our WiFi portal. A strong, continuous signal can be found throughout the hospital. We ask that you run laptops on battery power while you are here to avoid tripping hazards from power cords.

Phone directory

To contact the hospital operator for any unlisted entity, please call 503-656-1631 or dial "0" within the facility.

Program/Service Phone Number
Access Services (admitting) 503-657-6713
Administration 503-657-6915
Birthplace 503-657-6723
Chaplain/Spiritual Care 503-723-6522
Community Education 503-657-6919
Diabetes Education 503-650-6822
Diagnostic Imaging scheduling 503-650-6316
Dietitian office 503-723-6532
Emergency Dept. 503-657-6702
Foundation 503-650-6805
Gift shop 503-650-1466
Health Information Management (medical records) 503-657-6719
Hospice 503-215-2273
Information 503-656-1636
Laboratory Services 503-657-6710
Health Sciences Library 503-723-6504
Marketing/Communications 503-650-6760
Medical Staff Office 503-650-6272
Patient Financial Services (business office) 503-650-6802
Providence Resource Line (physician referral) 503-216-7969
Rehabilitation Services 503-657-6747
Social Services 503-657-6947
Volunteer Services 503-557-2134