Physician Story: Dr. Digital

As a physician expert for WebMD, Providence Heart and Vascular Institute cardiologist James Beckerman, M.D., is there to answer.

While doctors and health care organizations scramble to gain traction on the Internet and to make business sense of social tools such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums, Dr. Beckerman’s well-established profile is on the rise. An early adopter in the late 1990s, he now finds himself on the leading edge of one of the hottest trends in health care: using social networking to interact with people who are interested in cardiovascular disease and prevention.

“I’ve come to realize that social media is a way for doctors to re-engage, reconnect and re-enter the health conversation taking place everywhere,” says Dr. Beckerman, 38. “Perhaps most gratifying for me is that it’s breaking down traditional walls between physician and patient.”

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