Life-long epilepsy patient now seizure-free

Epilepsy had always been part of Matthew Ramsey’s life. Since the day he was born, he’d had several seizures a week. It affected his personality, his ability to remember things – and made his school days and socializing as a young adult tough.

Now, thanks to a surgical procedure at Providence Brain and Spine Institute, Matthew is seizure-free. Using new imaging technology, Matthew’s neurologist discovered a small, benign growth in his brain. It had been there since birth, and was the cause of the seizures. Then neurosurgeon Pankaj Gore, M.D., performed minimally invasive surgery using the intraoperative MRI at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center to remove the growth. Matthew hasn’t had a seizure since.

“My life has really changed,” he says. “It feels, well, normal.”

So normal that Matthew, at age 26, has now set a new goal: getting his driver’s license – something not possible with epilepsy.

Matthew is grateful for the compassionate care he’s received at Providence. “The people here have given me a new life,” he says. “It’s such a blessing.”

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