Our Stories

A delicate dance

A tumor pressing against a vital part of Carol Fichtner’s brain must be removed. A surgery this precise requires deft hands and the best technology an operating room can have.

A peaceful, blessed goodbye

Providence music-thanatologists offer soothing and spiritually powerful comfort to those nearing the end of life. Thanks to your contributions, this special program now celebrates its first decade.

Life-long epilepsy patient now seizure-free

Epilepsy had always been part of Matthew Ramsey’s life. Since the day he was born, he’d had several seizures a week.

Medical mission trip delivers world-class orthopedic care

Earlier this year, the hip surgery team at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center packed supplies and equipment to set up a state-of-the-art orthopedic suite at Jesuit sponsored Juan Bosco Hospital in Le Vega, Dominican Republic. The team completed 17 total hip replacements, all on people whose conditions were so advanced that they could barely get around, if at all.

Patient story: Brain tumor-free, a life rebounding

Two years after a Providence surgeon removed the tumor that disrupted her life, Carol Fichtner is thriving.

Physician Story: Dr. Digital

Call it Medicine 2.0: Providence Heart and Vascular Institute cardiologist James Beckerman, M.D., is among the next generation of doctors using social media to promote healthy habits.

Pow! Man knocks down diabetes!

A patient shares his inspiring story of how he reversed his type 2 diabetes.

Reunion celebration for "graduates" of Providence St. Vincent Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Each year, hundreds of families gather at Providence St. Vincent to reunite with others whose children began their lives in the neonatal intensive care, or NICU. The event gives families a chance to meet, mingle and share their common experience.

True Patient Journey: Stroke

A young woman tells what she experienced after noticing some numbness. She acted fast to get the emergency help she needed.

Two years later, the Pink Glove Dance still moves

Providence’s breast cancer awareness music video started a global trend and touched people in unexpected ways.

When Margy met Stanley

What happens when two strangers cross paths at the same time?

Lives can change. Portland winters can be just plain miserable – especially for someone who has spent 15 years living in Hawaii. Margy Salter remembers her first winter back in the Northwest.