Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Family Maternity Center

One in five Oregonians begins their life at a Providence facility. From check-in to check-out, you will receive personalized care from our experienced team of physicians, nurses and midwives.

Supportive care

We want to make this a special experience for you and your family. Your care team will work closely with you to meet your needs and keep you informed about the progress of your delivery.

After you deliver, we will teach you how to care, feed and comfort your newborn. We will support you as you learn about your baby's behaviors and sleep and wake cycles. Our nurses are experts helping moms with breastfeeding. We also have an expert lactation team who can help if needed. We are available for all your questions as you prepare to care for your newborn at home.

About your stay

Each room has a private bathroom, a portable bed for your baby, a sleeping chair for your support person, phone, TV and overhead stereo system. Every labor room is equipped for a safe, vaginal birth. If you need a cesarean section, you will be taken to a nearby surgery suite. You will likely recover in a labor room afterwards with your support person and baby.

While in the hospital, you may select your meals from daily menus. Juice, coffee, milk and fruit are available in our maternity units. Your support person and visitors may purchase beverages, snacks or meals from the hospital coffee shops or cafeteria and bring those items back to the maternity unit.

Hospital amenities

Our maternity floor has a large waiting area for your guests and family. Providence St. Vincent and Providence Portland Medical Centers also offer free drop-in child care at My Little Waiting Room, with valet parking.

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center has the largest NICU in Oregon and the third-largest on the West Coast.

Pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care classes

Childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, infant care, infant CPR and more. 

Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour of our birth centers.