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Antenatal care

Antenatal checkups are very important to monitor the progress of your pregnancy.

Circle by Providence App

From pregnancy through the teen years, Circle has answers to your questions about raising healthy kids. 

Gynecologic surgery

Surgery is used to treat many gynecologic cancers including uterine, ovarian and cervical cancers. Surgeries for gynecologic cancers include...


Providence understands selecting a provider is a very personal choice, especially when it comes to delivering your children. The relationship created with your care provider throughout your prenatal and delivery experience can last a lifetime. That’s why Providence offers midwifery and obstetrics options to fit your personal care preferences.


Obstetricians (also called OBs) are medical doctors who specialize in the care of pregnant women, from the time of conception through delivery...

Online childbirth education classes

Providence offers online childbirth education programs to be done in the comfort of your own home. These are ideal for women whose schedules...

Pelvic health-continence therapy, female

Loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence) is very common in women. In fact, one out of every four women sometimes has trouble with bladder...

Pelvic health-pelvic organ prolapse therapy

Many women experience a feeling of heaviness, pressure or fullness in their pelvis from loss of support to the uterus, bladder or rectum. This loss...

Pelvic health-pelvic pain therapy, female

Pelvic pain is a serious problem for many women, particularly those of childbearing age. It may be caused by childbirth, poor posture, surgery,...

Prenatal support

Pregnancy brings many feelings and questions— we’re here for you. You may have special needs and be unsure how to find ways to address those needs....

Primary care

If you're looking for a primary care provider or clinic, we can help find one near you. Providence Medical Group has more than 49 clinics and 547 providers throughout Oregon and southwest Washington. 

Providence Oregon - Urogynecology Services for Women

Our team of fellowship-trained experts offer women a range of treatment options for bladder control problems, pelvic floor disorders and more. Let us help.

Routine gynecology

Take care of yourself. Every woman deserves the specialized attention that a women’s healthcare professional provides. From adolescence...