Providence Medical Group - Newberg Multi-Specialty Clinic

Office information

1003 Providence Drive
Suites 110 and 210
Newberg, OR 97132
Main Phone: 503-537-5900
Fax: 503-537-5959

Office hours

Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone directory:

When calling our clinic, please refer to the following list of phone extensions:

Primary care

Phone: 503-537-5900

  • Internal Medicine Team A - option 1, option 1
    Includes providers: Becker, Lam, Rahkola Stadtlander, Azadeh and Jagelski)
  • Internal Medicine Team B - option 1, option 2
    Includes providers: Bergquam, Cadar, McCoy, Sellars, Hiebert and Keats
  • Family Medicine Team C - option 2, option 1
    Includes providers: Jaczko, Ferguson and Schneidmiller
  • Family Medicine Team D - option 2, option 2
    Includes providers: Calvert, Hawthorne, Swindle, Emanuel and Sanders
  • Family Medicine Team E - option 2, option 3
    Includes providers: Guadiz, Rodgers, Achilova and Pinzon
  • BHI team Psychology - option 3
    Includes providers: Terman and Turgesen
  • Psychiatry - option 3
    Includes provider: Lodhi

Internal Medicine fax: 503-537-5959
Family Medicine fax: 971-282-0098


Phone: 503-537-5620

  • General Surgery - option 1
    Includes providers: Fisher, Stroup and Yutzie
  • Ear, Nose and Throat - option 2
    Includes providers: Burningham and Wytcherley
  • Orthopedics - option 3
    Includes providers: Croy, Moore, Benner and Sellers

Specialty Teams fax: 971-282-0099

When you choose a primary care provider from Providence Medical Group for you or your family, you are choosing from a team of physicians and providers who are as interested in keeping you healthy as in getting you well.