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Neurologic Care

A Neurologist will perform a neurological examination, which tests the integrity of various functions, including mental status, cranial nerves, vision, motor and sensory functions, coordination, gait and balance. The Neurologist may then order further tests (like MRI, EEG, NCV/EMG, etc.) and with this information he/she will formulate diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Sports Physicals

We have an excellent team of family practice physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants available to perform your child’s physical for school sports.

What to expect during a sports physical:

  • Be sure to bring in any school forms necessary for the doctor to fill out.
  • You will be asked to pay $35 for the physical.
  • Your child will be asked how they are feeling and a few questions regarding medical history.
  • The provider will perform a physical health assessment which screens for orthopedic or medical problems that may be compromising to an athlete’s ability to safely compete.
  • If any further testing is needed, it can be done at our lab and radiology department on site.
  • A sports physical is not meant as a substitute for comprehensive health checkups.

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