Patient Right to Support Persons

Providence is committed to accommodating all patient needs 

Patients with a disability who need assistance communicating with their hospital care team, making medical decisions or engaging in activities of daily living may designate up to three support persons. Support persons will be required to meet specific conditions outlined in Providence Health & Services policy. If conditions are met, identified support persons may be present at all times during the patient’s hospital stay. 

Patients most likely to use this accommodation

Oregon State law (SB 1606, 2020) requires hospitals to accommodate patient support persons for individuals with disabilities, including but not limited to: 

  • A physical, intellectual, behavioral or cognitive impairment
  • Deafness, being hard of hearing or other communication barrier
  • Blindness
  • Autism
  • Dementia

Support persons may include a family member, guardian, personal care assistant or other paid or unpaid attendant selected by the patient to physically or emotionally assist the patient or ensure effective communication with the patient.

Providence Health & Services - Patient Support Persons Policy

At the earliest feasible time, when services are scheduled, upon admission or presentation to the Emergency Department, patients will be asked to designate support persons. Patients may also initiate this request with their hospital care team at any time. 

Support persons will be required to meet specific conditions outlined in Providence policy.  

A copy of our support persons policy can be downloaded below or is available upon request. Please contact the Providence Oregon Customer Care Team at 503-962-1275 or 855-360-3463.

Download the policy and accompanying addenda