Updates for Columbia Gorge Providers

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PHRMH Family Birth Center recognized for excellence

In a recent publication from the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion our birth center was recognized for achieving a quality practice score of 93. The survey focused on infant feeding practices and we surpassed the Oregon average score of 77 and the national average of 70. Thank you to all the providers in our community for their great work!

Providence Hood River named one of the nation's best - again

For the second consecutive year, Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital has been named one of the “Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals” in the country by iVantage Health Analytics, a health care business intelligence and technology company.

Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital ranked in the 94th percentile for quality, patient satisfaction and affordability. “At Providence, we focus on providing quality health care, with positive outcomes – something we could not do without the support of all our community health care providers,” said Freysinger. Read full story.

New service: Interactive Guided Imagery

Interactive Guided ImagerySM is a clinical technique used to treat a variety of concerns, including chronic pain. Shelley Smith, M.D., has completed specialty training in guided imagery and can help your patients this gain control over pain.

During each session, she will guide your patient through a series of peaceful exercises. Once the patient is relaxed, their mind can begin to understand the body’s physical pain symptoms and re-associate the symptoms with a positive visual. Benefits of this program include:

  • Improved response to stress and pain
  • Strategies for improving health
  • Decreased dependency on medications

For more information or refer a patient, please call 541-387-6383.

Providence Brookside Manor passes state survey with a perfect score

Providence Brookside Manor is surveyed every two years to ensure compliance with state regulations. Three surveyors arrived on Monday, Oct. 29 to conduct the unannounced survey.

During the inspection, the state reviewed staff training, facility policies and procedures, documentation, and resident care. The surveyors commented on the quality of care, coordination of services and cleanliness and atmosphere of the building. “Providence Brookside is unique in that the management and leadership has longevity with the community, and it makes a big difference,” said a surveyor.

After review, Providence Brookside Manor passed the survey with 100 percent compliance. “We have a wonderful team that provides quality, compassionate care to residents and their families,” says Jamie Hanshaw, facility administrator.

Cardiac device check-ups now available in Hood River 

If you have a patient with heart arrhythmia, pacemakers or defibrillator, there is no need for patients to travel to Portland; Columbia Gorge Heart Clinic now offers:

  • Pacemaker and defibrillator implants and replacements
  • Routine follow-up to assess devices leads and batteries
  • Diagnostic information
  • Transtelephonic device monitoring, alternative with in-clinic visits 

We also offer non-invasive diagnostic studies, such as carotid artery ultrasound, nuclear stress testing, Holter monitors, peripheral vascular screening, echocardiography and stress echocardiography. To refer a patient, please call 541-387-6125.

Providence begins hospitalist program in Hood River

Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that beginning on Aug. 3, 2012, Ryan Petersen, M.D., Gary Regalbuto, M.D., and Jim Edwards, M.D., will provide support for hospitalized patients.

As the leader of your patient’s health care team, you will be notified and consulted if your patient is admitted to the hospital. When your patient is discharged, we will provide you with a detailed written summary of the hospitalization, including important test results, procedures and medications. At that time, all responsibility for your patient’s care will be returned to you as the primary care provider.

We understand the importance of a patient’s relationship with you, and we feel that our new hospitalist care model will help support and build your practice. As long-time community providers, our hospitalist team is familiar with many of our hospital patients, and is knowledgeable about specialists and other area resources. If you would like to meet to discuss how we can help meet your needs and develop a service agreement, please contact Robin Henson, M.D.

Pediatric echocardiograms are now available at Providence Hood River

The ultrasound imaging center at Providence Hood River has added a certified pediatric echo sonographer with experience in both pediatric and fetal echocardiography. This provides us with a unique opportunity to partner with  Peter Chang, D.O.,  to perform pediatric echocardiograms as well as fetal studies in the outpatient setting.