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Hate going to the gym? Head out to the garden

If you've been feeling guilty because you prefer puttering in your garden over pumping iron at the gym, you can now, officially, get over it. A Swedish study has found that gardening and similar “non-exercise physical activities” may be the keys to a strong heart and a long life.

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How the Heart Works

The heart is the hardest working muscle in the human body. Located almost in the center of the chest, the adult human heart is about the size of a fist.

At an average rate of 80 times a minute, the heart beats about 115,000 times in one day or 42 million times in a year. During an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 3 billion times – pumping an amount of blood that equals about 1 million barrels. Even at rest, the heart continuously works hard.

Providence Heart Clinic at the Oregon Clinic Gateway Fact Sheet

A number of The Oregon Clinic cardiologists and staff have joined with Providence Health & Services to create a new clinic called Providence Heart Clinic at The Oregon Clinic Gateway.