Online Scheduling Instructions

Please be aware that our hours of operation have changed and you will have to schedule your workout time. You can schedule for 30 minutes, or up to a maximum of one hour per day. You may schedule no more than seven days in advance.
Schedule Your Workout Time

If you do not have a login and password, click on “forgot password/create logins.” You will need to enter the email address on your account and choose submit. Credentials will be sent to your email and you will be able to change your password when you log in.

After you log in

  • Choose “scheduler”
  • Choose “Club Reservations”
  • Choose “Exercise Reservations”
  • On the screen that says “Select Date” Choose “Continue”

You are now on the screen that says “Make a Reservation.” Select your date; you must have "Exercise Reservation," "Main Exercise area" and "Duration" highlighted. Main exercise area refers to the main part of the Fitness Center and there are 12 choices; each choice is the same area. You can search with all areas highlighted for easier viewing of choices.

  • Choose “Search”
  • Scroll down to the time you want
  • Double click on the time you want
  • Choose “Continue”
  • Choose “Continue to Cart”

You will see a screen that says “Thank you,” and a confirmation of the date and time of your reservation. You should receive a confirmation e-mail with your date and time.

Please call 503-216-6606 if you have any difficulty making your reservation.

We look forward to seeing you!

Download and print this information.