Massage Therapy

Massage therapy-soothing and healthy

Reap the benefits of massage therapy. Massage therapy does more than just make you feel good. It relaxes the muscles, improves range of motion and increases the body's natural painkillers called endorphins.

Using specialized training and techniques, massage therapists help relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, and promote general wellness. And yes, it also just makes you feel good.


There are many different types of massage, ranging from light touch used in Swedish massage to deep-tissue massage that targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Before your treatment, your massage therapist will talk with you about the various techniques and which one might be right for your needs.

Whether seeking relief for a medical condition or for stress reduction and relaxation, many people find that regular, or even occasional, massages contribute to their overall wellness.

Cost - For 60-minute session

  • Members:  $65
  • Non-nembers:  $70

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