Maintaining dignity. Emphasizing independence.


Emma & her paintings
Emma at home, surrounded by her paintings.
Emma lives in a downtown apartment and has two daughters who visit
regularly. She values her independence and her home of sixteen years, even
finding inspiration for her art in the surrounding neighborhood. Emma enjoys
socializing with her many friends and showing her paintings at local art shows.
She “got tired of watercolor,” so has traded in her painting table to focus on
pen and ink and also wants to try acrylics.


A stroke almost ended all of this.

After her stroke, feeling “lost, old and impaired,” Emma began looking for
an assisted living facility. But nothing she found felt right. With renewed
determination, Emma decided she wanted to stay in her home. She got a
motorized chair, talked to her facilities service coordinator, . . . and called
Providence ElderPlace.

Emma admits it takes her longer to do things, but with the support of her
ElderPlace caregiver, she doesn’t appear to have slowed down much. She continues
to live on her own and create beautiful artwork. She is even working to publish
her second book.