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Camp P.L.A.Y.

Like most of the other kids in the Center for Medically Fragile Children at Providence Child Center, Kelton takes her nutrition via a feeding tube to her stomach. She can't eat the classic summertime treat of a roasted marshmallow.

What Kelton can do, with a hand from her volunteer buddy, is stretch that marshmallow stick out over the flame. She can see the white turn golden, hear her companions' delight, smell the sweet aroma, and squish her fingers into the glorious gooeyness of the toasted result.

Donor profile: Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff
Businesswoman, philanthropist

Patient stories: All the joys of childhood

A day in the life of a medically fragile child is remarkably like that of other neighborhood kids.

Patient story: Refreshing waters embrace medically fragile children

From easing tight muscles to encouraging happy splashes, aquatic therapy provides both health benefits and fun for residents of the Center for Medically Fragile Children.

Respite care at Providence Child Center gives families under stress the gift of rejuvenation.

The Herold family's photo album tells the story: Wide-eyed Cameron sharing a joyous moment, smile to snout, with a dolphin. Grinning, suntanned parents and brothers, heads bobbing in the azure waters of a swimming pool.

Swindells branches out.

Carol and John Glaser felt well prepared for a new baby when their son Jack was born in 2005. After all, he was their fourth child, joining two brothers, then ages 22 and 14, and a 4-year-old sister. Something the Glasers weren't prepared for, though, was that Jack would be diagnosed with Down syndrome.