Providence Breast Care Clinic is designed to quickly meet the needs of patients with breast health concerns. Although most breast concerns are related to benign breast disease or conditions, waiting for a diagnosis can cause considerable stress and anxiety in patients. Our dedicated team of experts gives patients speedy access to breast care expertise in a compassionate environment.

We offer a range of services, including:

  • A comprehensive breast examination, which includes a detailed review of your personal and family medical history
  • Referral to a Providence Breast Center location for a same-day mammogram, ultrasound or other imaging service, if needed
  • A personalized plan of care for breast health
  • Referral to cancer risk assessment or genetic counseling, if appropriate
  • Communication with other care team members, such as your primary care provider, about any breast findings and your care plan
  • “Breast awareness” tips

Providence Breast Care Clinic also offers access to our high-risk breast service, when appropriate. Our high-risk breast service was developed with the patient in mind - to get answers to your questions from professionals who are passionate about preventing breast cancer. Learn more about Providence's high-risk breast service.