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Ask an Expert: Menopause and Incontinence

Q: I've recently gone through menopause, and on top of everything else, I seem to be losing bladder control. I have little leaks of urine when I sneeze or laugh hard. Is this related to menopause? Is there anything I can do about it?

Ask an Expert: Pregnancy and Incontinence

Q: Since I’ve been pregnant, I have been occasionally leaking urine. Will this stop after I have my baby? Can I do anything to avoid it now?

Not another bladder infection

If you've had a bladder infection before, you're well aware of the signs when another one is coming on: the strong, incessant urge to urinate, with very little output; the pain or burning when you go; the cloudiness, pink tint or strong smell to your urine; the feeling of pressure or pain in your lower abdomen.