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Providence Stroke Center meets the highest standards in care

August 14, 2015

Stroke patients treated at Providence Stroke Center receive some of the best care in the nation. Providence has made the 2012 Target: Stroke Honor Roll.

Providence Medford Medical Center honored with quality achievement award for stroke care

April 24, 2015

For the third year in a row, Providence Medford Medical Center has received the Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke Gold-Plus Quality Achievement Award for implementing specific quality improvement measures outlined by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association for the treatment of stroke patients.

OPB News: Telemedicine Helps Stroke Patients At A Distance

August 14, 2014
Providence Telestroke Network is able to treat stroke patients quickly – minimizing damage to the brain and allowing for quicker recovery.

Providence St. Vincent recognized for outstanding stroke care

June 13, 2014

Stroke patients who are treated at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center receive some of the best care on the nation.

Providence experts offer tips for stroke awareness month

April 17, 2014

Every 40 seconds, somewhere in America, someone has a stroke. It is a leading cause of death in the U.S. – claiming more than 130,000 lives every year.

How We Care: Streaks raise stroke awareness

May 15, 2013

Mike Donahue introduces us to some people who explain how to act FAST with style in a “How We Care” story on stroke prevention.

Stroke survivor to run half marathon

May 08, 2013

25-year-old Providence Medford nurse Rocio Mendoza will run a half marathon just eight months after suffering a stroke.

A little sunshine can help lower your risk of stroke

May 03, 2013

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a major risk factor for stroke. Now, a new study suggests that vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin – can help lower blood pressure. For people living in the Northwest where getting enough vitamin D from the sun is a problem, this is important news for reducing your stroke risk.

New Stroke Prevention Tips

May 01, 2013

May is American Stroke Month. Your first line of defense against stroke is to eat a healthy diet, exercise and don’t smoke. Now, new studies show there are additional – and relatively simple – things you can do to reduce your risk.

Anybody can be a stroke hero

April 30, 2013

Learn the warning signs of stroke and call 911 FAST.

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