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Ask An Expert: Taking Estrogen for menopausal symptoms

Q: Ever since a hysterectomy, I've taken estrogen to help with menopausal symptoms and to prevent heart disease – my mother died of a heart attack. But I heard about a study that said estrogen doesn't really protect against cardiovascular problems. What's going on?

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Managing menopause with: Dietary changes

Modifying your diet can significantly improve your menopausal symptoms and decrease your risk of serious disease.

Managing menopause with: Exercise

Women who exercise regularly have fewer menopause symptoms. “Maybe it’s because they get all their sweating done in one fell swoop!” Dr. Ferrier jokes. “We really don’t know why, we just know it works.”

Managing menopause with: Other medications

A variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications may help manage your menopausal symptoms without HRT.

Menopause and sleep…or not

By the time women hit their 50s, sleep is something that many of us no longer take for granted.