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Cancer Center lending libraries

Knowledge about cancer helps patients and their loved ones as they navigate diagnosis, treatment and recovery. For patients and families,...

Head and neck cancer surgery

Surgery is the most common treatment for oral, head and neck cancer. The type of surgery depends on the type and stage of the tumor. 


Providence Lifeline medical alert service gives individuals of all ages access to personal support and at-home emergency assistance 24 hours a day,...

Microvascular free tissue transfers

The vascular detachment of a region of the body (eg, skin, fat, muscle, bone) followed by transfer of that tissue to another region of the body with reattachment of the artery and vein to a separate artery and vein. This ability to transplant living tissue from one region of the body to another enables reconstruction of complex defects.

Microvascular head and neck reconstruction

A technique for rebuilding the face and neck using blood vessels, bone and tissue, including muscle and skin from other parts of the body. The technique useful for rehabilitating surgical defects that are caused by the removal of head and neck tumors.

Oncologic dentistry/maxillofacial prosthodontics

Oncologic dentistry and maxillofacial prosthodontics are services for patients with cancers of the head, neck or mouth. Services can include a...

Oncology nurse navigator

An oncology nurse navigator is an oncology certified nurse (OCN) who providesĀ  education for each cancer patient concerning their individual...

Oncology social work

Oncology social workers assess the needs of cancer patients. They can facilitate communication with the health care team, provide emotional support...

Oral, head and neck cancer therapy

Providence Health & Services offers a variety of rehabilitation oncology programs. Laryngectomy Rehabilitation: Speech-language...

Tobacco counseling

Ready to quit smoking? We can help.