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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation (“cardiac rehab”) is a professionally supervised program designed by your healthcare team. It will help you recover from your heart problem and reduce your risk of future heart problems. Along with a tailored exercise program, cardiac rehab provides education and counseling to improve health.


Cardiologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or conditions of the heart and blood vessels, such as...

Carotid artery ultrasound

This test uses ultrasound to evaluate the arteries on each side of your neck that lead to your head. During this test you will lie flat on your...

Dobutamine stress echo

This echocardiogram is similar to a stress echocardiogram but does not require you to walk on the treadmill. Dobutamine, a medication that raises...

Event monitor

For this test, you are fitted with three electrodes and a monitoring device. While wearing the device, you must activate the monitor by pushing a...

Exercise nuclear scan

This test has three parts. First, you will receive an injection of a radioactive tracer through an IV placed in your arm. A special nuclear camera...

Healthy Heart and Vascular Lectures

Join us as our physician experts explore a range of topics that will help you learn the facts about preventing, detecting and effectively treating many cardiac and vascular diseases. Our free community forums are held conveniently at several Providence medical centers and hospitals in Oregon.

HEART STRONG cardiac physical therapy

Regular exercise is essential for healthy heart function, however, beginning an exercise program may be intimidating after a heart attack, heart valve surgery, bypass surgery, diagnosis of heart failure or diagnosis of vascular disease.


Providence Lifeline medical alert service gives individuals of all ages access to personal support and at-home emergency assistance 24 hours a day,...

Pharmacologic nuclear scan

This is a test in which you receive an IV infusion of a medication to exercise your heart. Your heart rate, blood pressure and ECG are monitored...

Providence Coronary Angioplasty Care Package

Providence performs more coronary angioplasties than any other health system in Oregon. That experience translates into excellent outcomes for our patients, and peace of mind for their families.

Providence Open Heart Surgery Care Package

Providence performs more coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgeries than any other health system in Oregon.

Stress echo

An echocardiogram is performed immediately before and after you walk on a treadmill. During the test, your heart rate and blood pressure will be...

Tobacco counseling

Ready to quit smoking? We can help.