Gastrointestinal Cancer Program Goals and Benefits

Our goals:

  1. Operational effort rooted in clinical research and inquiry
  2. Development of clinical research projects that will foster collaboration among Providence hospitals and participating physician practices 
  3. Generation of evidence-based guidelines, highlighting state-of-the-art care with periodic critical review that will generate further clinical research efforts
  4. Cooperation with research scientists of the Earle A. Chiles Research Institute to strengthen our tradition of translational research
  5. Critical assessment of new technology with input to assist in health system development
  6. Sustainability of the program through a rewards system to participating members of the gastrointestinal cancer program

Membership benefits:

  • Collegial, academic environment
  • Academic productivity through cooperative publications of original research, guideline development, etc.
  • Opportunities to design and participate in physician and patient directed presentations, resident/fellow education and website development
  • Promotional power and downstream benefits to clinical practices for participating members of the gastrointestinal program
  • Administrative support for research projects