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Ask an expert: Is my teenager depressed?

Q: “What’s the difference between normal adolescent angst and depression? My teenager seems depressed, but it’s hard to tell.” 

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Anxiety and depression: Calming the emotional roller coaster

Between running careers, families and households, women are multitasking all the time in a society that hasn’t quite formed itself around our multiple needs for maternity leave, childcare, elder care and other support systems. With so much on our plates, it’s no wonder that anxiety and depression are twice as common in women as in men.

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Parting the clouds of winter depression

Christina Malango has learned a lot in her 10-year struggle with the winter depression known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. She’s learned that if you’re not getting results from your treatment, a second opinion – or a third – never hurts. She has found that some of the things that worked best for her, such as getting outside and exercising, are the things we all should be doing for our health. She’s learned that if you’ve tried multiple remedies and you still aren’t feeling right, it’s time to look deeper – something else could be going on. And finally, she has rediscovered the beauty in the changing seasons.

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National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI's support and public education efforts are focused on educating America about mental illness, offering resources to those in need, and insisting that mental illness become a high national priority. Mental illness is a serious medical illness that affects one in four families. No one is to blame. Treatment works, but only half of people living with mental illness receive treatment. NAMI has engaged in a variety of activities to create awareness about mental illness and promote the promise of recovery.

Online Depression Screening Tool

Live Your Life Well depression screener from Mental Health America