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Clinical trials, heart

Clinical trials are research studies in which people help doctors and researchers find ways to improve health care. Each study tries to answer...


Providence Lifeline medical alert service gives individuals of all ages access to personal support and at-home emergency assistance 24 hours a day,...

PACE care coordination

PACE stands for Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, a federally recognized program that offers a seamless provision of total care. PACE...

Providence Coronary Angioplasty Care Package

Providence performs more coronary angioplasties than any other health system in Oregon. That experience translates into excellent outcomes for our patients, and peace of mind for their families.

Providence Open Heart Surgery Care Package

Providence performs more coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgeries than any other health system in Oregon.

Robotic-assisted cardiac surgery

If you have been told you need coronary artery bypass surgery, ask your doctor about da VinciĀ® Surgery for coronary artery disease. This surgery is...


A stent is a small, coiled wire-mesh tube that can be inserted into a blood vessel and expanded using a small balloon during a procedure called...

Tobacco counseling

Ready to quit smoking? We can help.


Providence provides transportation for seniors. This includes transportation for members to each of our health and social centers, or for our Senior Village residents for medical and dental appointments.