Providence Regional Breast Health Care Registry

Purpose: Providence Regional Breast Health Registry combines patient-specific health systems data relating to breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up in one source to provide accurate and comprehensive data to improve patient care and outcomes. The registry is a collaborative project of Providence Cancer Center.

Goals: The registry promotes a patient-centered connected experience of care by integrating all data relating to an individual woman’s course of breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Activities of the registry include:
  • Expanding the scope of patient data to encompass all breast health encounters within the Providence regional health network
  • Monitoring and reporting data on quality measures, outcomes and patient satisfaction related to services provided by Providence Breast Centers and its health care partners
  • Implementing quality-improvement initiatives
  • Participating in collaborative national benchmarking projects, allowing Providence Breast Centers to compare its own performance and outcomes to other centers
  • Contributing data to national research collaborative
  • Developing grant funded research proposals and initiatives

The registry is supported in part by the Safeway Foundation and additional donors to Providence Foundations.

Recent research projects include:
Background Trends and Influences on Mammography Screening in a Community Health System

Rates and Indications for Surgical Excisional versus Core Needle Breast Biopsies in a Community-based Health System

How Often are High-risk Breast Lesions on Initial Core Biopsy Upgraded after Subsequent Excisional Biopsy?

Heidi D. Nelson, M.D., MPH
Medical director, Cancer Prevention and Screening
Providence Cancer Center
Phone: 503-216-4665

Roshanthi Weerasinghe, MPH
Research Associate
Providence Regional Breast Health Registry
Providence Cancer Center
Phone: 503-215-7895