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Our commitment to you

Senior citizen and provider

In the spirit of Providence’s core values, our business office staff members treat each person with compassion, dignity and respect. We are here to answer your questions concerning hospital bills and statements, and to provide the following services and resources for you:

  • Insurance billing: We will bill your health plan on your behalf for the care and services you receive from Providence.
  • Understandable statements: We will send you easy-to-read statements while your insurance payment is pending to keep you informed of your billing status. See Understanding Your Bill for examples of our statements.
  • Financial counseling: Our financial counselors are available to help if you are experiencing a financial difficulty and need assistance with your bill.
  • Customer service assistance: Our customer service staff members will be happy to answer questions about your bill and payment options, including questions about possible corrections to your bill.

Your responsibilities

As a Providence patient, there are several things you can do to help the billing process go smoothly:
  • Familiarize yourself with your insurance benefits: If you don’t understand what your plan covers or how to use your plan, please contact your health plan. You also might find it helpful to review our tips on understanding your insurance coverage.
  • Provide complete insurance information: To maximize the benefits of your insurance coverage, please bring your insurance card(s) with you and provide complete information about your health plan(s) when you register or check in at the doctor’s office or hospital. If you are covered by more than one plan, be sure to provide this information at the time of registration.
  • Organize and review your statements: You may receive many different documents after a hospital stay or visit. It’s important to review and keep these medical bills, payment statements, receipts, prescription information and claim forms together and in order. You can do this with our Medical Bill Organizer. If your statement indicates that your health plan has not paid for your covered services within 45 days of the billing date, please contact your health plan directly to determine whether there are questions concerning your eligibility.
  • Call us if you have payment concerns: Please let us know right away if you anticipate having difficulty paying your bill. We offer several payment options that can help you pay off your balance in smaller increments over time.
  • Make payments on time: Please make timely payments on your bill. 
  • Keep us in the loop: Let us know right away if your address or your insurance information changes.
  • Contact non-Providence providers about their bills: You are likely to receive separate bills from providers who are not employed by Providence. For example, surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists and other specialists may bill you independently for their services. If you have questions about their bills, please contact their offices directly. PHP Provider Directory.

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