Biography & Education

Tyler was born and raised in Wyoming, and his heart still beats brown and gold! After spending time doing bench research during his junior year of college, he realized that he could never be a full-time researcher because he is too much of a people person. After finishing his undergraduate in Wyoming, he moved to Seattle to pursue his medical degree. Tyler and his wife, Cheri, have three children. Tyler loves, loves, loves both Nordic and alpine skiing. He also attempts to fly fish and golf when he has time. He speaks fluent Danish or, at least, he did a few years ago when he had occasion to use it. He is particularly interested in traditional practice incorporating both inpatient and outpatient care. He plans on returning to Wyoming after residency and pursuing a career in rural internal medicine. Tyler's favorite part of medicine is helping people understand what is going on with their health and connecting with them on a personal level. He feels like the doctor-patient relationship is what inspired him to pursue a career in medicine and what gives him his day-to-day joy working in health care.
Undergraduate: Microbiology/Molecular Biology, Univ. of Wyoming, 2006
Medical School: University of Washington School, 2011

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