Biography & Education

Jenn was an Air Force baby, born near Lake Champlain at the very top of New York. She grew up in Southern California's Simi Valley. A few years after high school, Jenn moved to Phoenix to go to college. Her interest in medicine was sparked, and she proceeded full steam ahead. She loved the excitement of her ICU rotations, but primary care is where she felt at home. She also found a love of palliative medicine. Jenn says that when she grows up, she wants to do both – primary and palliative care--somewhere on the West Coast. When Jenn has free time, she likes to run, hike, read, yoga, take a belly dance class, garden, drink wine or explore. She has been involved in animal rescue for many years, and has had many furry "kids." Currently, she has a 13-year- old Beagle, and two cats ages 18 and 13. She would love to travel to India for a medical mission.
Undergraduate: Microbiology, Arizona State University, 2006
Graduate: Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2011

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