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"My work as a nurse practitioner allows me to help others and gives me the opportunity to make a difference during my daily life,” says Brooke Taylor, WHCNP

In her practice, Brooke emphasizes open communication and patient education. “I believe in educating patients and empowering them to become actively involved in their health care,” she says.

Brooke received her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University in Tempe, Ariz. and earned her master of science in nursing degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn.

In her free time, she enjoys golf, reading, traveling and spending time with her two children.

Areas of expertise

Obstetrics and Gynecology; women's health

Vanderbilt University

Care Locations

9135 SW Barnes Road
Suite 761
Portland, OR 97225
Fax 503-216-2639



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4.5 out of 5 (101 Ratings, 30 Comments)


Both the nurse and the med student shadowing Dr. Taylor were lovely. Both put effort into putting me at ease during a potentially stressful situation (a pelvic exam is never an easy or comfortable thing). Dr. Taylor, on the other hand, was condescending, did not listen to my questions, made no effort to control her facial expression as it flashed irritation when I did ask questions, and generally treated me like a nuisance. It was extremely off-putting and upsetting. I take my sexual health seriously, and to be treated as though I am wasting her time or don't know what I'm talking about (when in fact I have a good deal of education on this topic) was offensive and distressing. I can not even imagine the sorts of experiences she is providing to women who know less about their bodies and their medical needs. Under no circumstances will I see her again for any of my healthcare needs. More than half of her job is addressing patient needs and concerns. If she is either not equipped or interested in doing so, she should not be seeing patients.

She is a wonderful provider, I enjoy coming in for my visits with her. Very frank conversations and open dialog about my issues.

i feel I have a good rapport with Brooke. She listens and gives me good suggestions for my issues.

I found the provider to be kind, yet somewhat unprofessional. I did not feel like she took the time to understand my chart and my personal situation. Her response to one of my serious questions was not respectful- she laughed and answered, "well, yeah." She was nice, but a little too relaxed for my personal taste in medical professionals.

Brooke is great but waiting for almost an hour for my appt was extremely frustrating

nothing bad.

Always look forward to seeing Brooke. My daughter likes her, too.

Brooke was great - very attentive to my needs. I had a trip coming up and she worked me in for a proc so it didn't interfere. She was personable and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me. As a new patient, it is always nice to walk away feeling comfortable with your provider and grateful for the care you received :)

Brooke was great at making me feel at ease during and after my exam. She's thorough and very easy to talk with.

NP did not have good "bedside" manner. She was abrupt and unprofessional with the medical questions/concerns that I had.

Brooke was amazing. she really listened and was quick to help get things moving to help me. I would highly recommend and definitely will continue to see her.

I didn't see the bad for my provider .My provider is respectful is kind and I love here .

Test results for my pap were sent via your portal but they're difficult to understand. I didn't get a phone nor have I received a letter yet [...] although it was noted in my file has having been requested [...]. Timing might need to be evaluated as to when test results are added to my file. Or more clear language that all is fine.

Brooke has always provided the best possible care. She goes above and beyond to make sure all bases are covered. She is prompt, personable and trustworthy. She by FAR has been my favorite physician I've ever encountered. You have a special person working for you there Providence.

I thought she was incredibly relaxed, maybe too much? Didn't have on a doctor's coat or anything, was wearing a sweatshirt, so didn't instill me with as much confidence on my first visit. However, skill set seemed great and I felt more comfortable after the first appointment.

I felt instant rapport w/ her & appreciated her understanding my marital situation without judgment. Excellent patient advocate. I was properly counselled for future safety.

This was my first time seeing Brooke and I really liked her. I would want to see her again.

Brooke Taylor has been seeing me for year and I just love her! It makes me forget I am having an annual when we got to visiting.

my car broke down in the parking lot and I had my two small children with me. The doctor insisted on accompanying me with another member of her staff, to assist me with my car. it was an incredibly kind and generous gesture!

the last appointment felt rushed

It'd be nice if the time I was told to arrive before my appointment was more reflective of the time I needed to be there. My letter said show up 30 minutes before the appointment when in actuality I spent 28 minutes doing nothing in the lobby because they didn't need me there that early.

she didn't know anything about me or read my medical records and didn't do the same test previous drs did the last two years

I saw Brook because my regular nurse practitioner is out on medical leave. I was disappointed and a little anxious at not being able to connect with my regular NP but was so pleasantly surprised with my visit with Brooke, she had good comments & suggestions for current care/meds and when I spoke w/her about another main health concern she really listened with acknowledgement she understood and also recommended another Rheumatologist. I was very pleased with her care and glad it turned out.

I didn't see my nurse practitioner until 4:15 and my appointment was at 3:30. Additionally the nurse came in right before I was to see the NP and told me to drink glucose to do a blood draw an hour later without asking if that worked with my schedule. It just felt like they were behind and something got lost in translation. That being said everyone as always was so helpful and kind. I love the service you provide.

provider was very impersonal and seemed disconnected from appt. walked in room without reviewing my medical record, did not even know that I had called after hour helpline two days prior and was still having symptoms. did not spend even 10 minutes in the room. when I tried to bring up the helpline call it was passed over as if I was talking to a wall. already had my avs printed prior to me coming in the room, showing whatever I was going to say in the appt was useless. quickly ran through need for pediatrician and classes (less than 2 minutes) and didn't take time to discuss options or importance of classes. would not see this provider again.

Dr. Taylor managed to be a great blend of efficient and caring. She listened carefully to my questions and concerns and provided helpful information and referrals. I appreciated her attitude.

I would say the most disappointing part of my visit was my PAP came up abnormal and instead of talking to my provider I spoke to the MA which I understand is usual protocol. But I found the approach of the MA lacking empathy and was using medical terms way above my understanding. I wish news of having have to have a biopsy for possible cancerous cells was delivered by someone who could simplify the information and have empathy.

Brooke is so nice, listens well. Feel well taken care of.

Very good overall experience. I'm glad to be under such good care.

The Nurse Practitioner Brooke Taylor, was an excellent service provider. It took some time for us to warm up to her and she to us, but we now have a warm relationship. She asked to see our baby, when he comes out and that was a very thoughtful gesture of genuine care and interest she displayed. We/I am very pleased with her and the relationship we shared with her as our nurse practitioner.