Biography & Education


I have worked as physical therapist for 30 years. I have a wife and two daughters, each daughter now in college. I enjoy reading, photography, traveling, attending church, and I like pets; I have a cat right now.

I like sports of all kinds; presently I enjoy table tennis and some fairly tame bicycle riding, but as a spectator, Go Seahawks, 'Blazers, and Mariners! I have played four different sports in high school and one in college.

I worked eight years in Yakima, Wash. as a physical therapist on a rehabilitation unit which included working with people who had suffered stroke, spinal cord injuries, or orthopedic problems, and many patients with joint replacements and sports injuries of various types.

I have now worked in Seaside, Ore. since 1991 where, living in a small town, we "do a little of everything," seeing a wide variety of orthopedic and neurological problems.

Areas of expertise

Aquatic therapy


Physical Therapy School, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Wash.

Care Locations

3621 Highway 101 N.
Gearhart, OR 97138
Phone 503-717-7789