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Coming from a family filled with medical experts, becoming a physician was an easy choice for Dr. Jeff Pavelka. "I was attracted to the science, as well as the humanistic principles of medicine," says Dr. Pavelka. "I try to focus on the individual person rather than the specific condition."

Dr. Pavelka believes his most important role as a medical provider is to instill wellness and prevention into his patients' lives. "Being able to educate my patients about how to get and stay healthy is as important as diagnosing and treating illness," he says.

After earning his medical degree from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Pavelka completed his internship at Chicago Osteopathic Hospital and Medical Center. He then went on to complete a family medicine residency at Nova Southeastern University in Wellington, Fla. Dr. Pavelka is board certified in family medicine. 

Dr. Pavelka was born and raised in Indianapolis. In his free time, he enjoys running, cycling and spending time with his dogs. 

Areas of expertise

Family medicine, diabetes


Medical degree: Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University, Chicago
Internship: Chicago Osteopathic Hospital and Medical Center
Residency, Family Medicine: Nova Southeastern University, Wellington, Fla.

Dr. Pavelka is board certified in family medicine. 

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Care Locations

16180 SE Sunnyside Road, Suite 102
Happy Valley, OR 97015
Fax 503-582-4999


Board Certifications
  • Family medicine
  • General practice


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4.3 out of 5 (165 Ratings, 45 Comments)


First time meeting the PC and he did not introduce himself and the visit was very quick. I usually see the PA.

Visits are very short, only 4 minutes for my last visit. I have had an ongoing problem over a year and there seems to be very little motivation to actually figure out what is wrong and help me. I usually get prescribed a random medication after each visit that never helps and it just seems like guess work all the time.

I absolutely love Dr. Pavelka. He listens to what I have to say and doesn't look at me like I'm crazy. [...]

The whole family loves Dr. Pavelka!!

two issues I have had:my provider stated that I needed a particular medicine and had me gets labs. I have contacted the providers office three time between my chart and a call without a resolve. the other issue I have is that every time I go in they tell me the wrong co pay and I have to show them. they said there is not a way to make a note on the account. my husband sees the same provider and same insurance said they put a note in his account.

Waiting to have my blood drawn seemed to take too long with only one other patient in there

Dr Pavelka is always easy to talk to . He makes no judgements about you as a person or your health issues. Awesome doctor!

While I love Dr. Pavelka and the staff, the blood lab is woefully understaffed.

The Dr. listened to my concerns and did everything he could to determine what the cause was. Quickly set up referral appointments.

Thank you for all of your excellent care and kindness. Our family appreciated you very much!

I scheduled an appointment to treat uncontrollable diarrhea that has. even going on for five weeks now, every time I eat and 10 pounds of weight loss in a month. The visit was fine, the provider was fine, but the [...] the doctor prescribed for me costs about [...] a month, which I cannot afford. Whenever the prior authorization form goes through so the insurance will cover part of it, I might feel better, but in the mean time it has been made very clear to me that I am not a priority and the Providence team obviously does not think my stomach upset and drastic weight loss from it is important enough to push those forms through any faster. It has been over two weeks since my visit and initial prescription date. I could understand if it was narcotics, but this is ridiculous.

Dr. Pavelka listens intently to my concerns. I like his professionalism.

I appreciate the time he takes to listen.

Great office staff and Dr and Nursing are with out question the best

Dr. Pavelka always takes the time to listen to my questions and concerns and is alway up front and honest about treatment options. He even listened when other doctors wouldn't and found the root of 2 of my health problems. I couldn't ask for a better provider.

I look forward to seeing Dr. Pavelka!

The only problem I have had with this office is trying to get a PA for my insurance so I can get my prescription. I get my refills each month and this month I was told it will take one month to process the prior authorization so now I am near running out medication before I get approval from my insurance. I have been using these meds for nearly two years so I feel this should not have been a surprise that I was needing this refill.

Dr Pavelka is the best Dr my family has ever had! We are so lucky to have found him. I hope that he knows how much we appreciate his care and just how much he has helped my husband. The whole experience at this clinic has been the best we have ever experienced. I just can't express enough how thankful we are to have found Dr Pavelka.

I think that I will keep him.

Dr. Pavelka is AWESOME! [...] is amazing also!

Didn't send the prescription right away on Friday, so I had to wait till Monday. When I went to visit to get medicine on Monday, it was wrong prescription. The pharmacist contacted the hospital, but it took long time to get another prescription and had to come back next day to get it. It took me 5days to get the prescription.

I'm really struggling with service at this office I always feel like he is running to get to his next appointment. I don't know why the nurses ask you questions about what you're there for. the last 2 times I was there he ran out before he went over everything. I had him do FLMA paperwork for the first time and he told me we better get it right because he wasn't going to do it again. I am seriously considering looking for another doctor.

need to talk about my other prescriptions - my visit was for an illness. they said since this is the 1st visit with this doctor, it had to be a "LONG" visit so he could get history. Made me wait over the weekend (WHILE SICK) & then when i did have appointment it was 7 minutes long [...]

Dr. Pavelka is a fine and compassionate Dr.

Dr. Pavelka listens to me & the history I give him & responds & incorporates it into my care.

Dr was in and out. I had more questions. he didn't seem like he cared

This was the first time I met Dr Pavelka after Dr [...] left, and all went well! So far I'm very satisfied.

I think Dr. Pavelka is a qualified doctor with his medical knowledge, however, I have never been spoken down to, chastised and dismissed by a health care provider like I was on my last visit with him. I have felt a few times before when seeing him that he did not believe me or take me seriously. I should have listened to my instincts and changed doctors when I first had these impressions of him. [...]

Comfortable to discuss health issues.

I waited A long time between sppts. I was told I had been alloted 20 min and had important things to discuss. Dr cut short exam without physically examining. Dr abruptly walked out of me in middle of conversation. Rude comment as he walked out. I felt hurt that a professional would behave like this. I thought he was a compassionate person. Everyone can have a bad day, but I hesitate to put my time, money and trust in this behavior. Compassion, empathy and communication needs improved by team.

I like the automated check in process, i can either do that or walk up and talk to a person

doc rushed in an out. seemed to not care, life he just wanted to get the appointment over, or he had something on his mind

Labs ordered but not all done. One diagnostic test denied for unclear reasons. Have to chase down the reasoning on some other website. Unclear process of referral for another diagnostic test.

Dr Pavelka is a great Dr. He always listens and has the right answers. he and his staff are wonderful and I'm very fortunate to have him!

The last two times I have had blood work done I never got a call explaining what the test results meant. On the most recent one I made contact wanting to know more but only received a short reply that everything looked fine. There was no mention of any next steps in diagnosing some current health issues I have. Will be looking for another provider.

my doctor great..its the referfals that give me all the issue..not getting the help i really need for my pain issue.

This provider listens and takes the time for me every time I see him.

Dr. Pavelka is a good listener as well as health care provider. He even asks questions about things we talked about in previous visits. He is very easy to talk to and seems to genuinely care about me.

Good listener, interested in my questions

I absolutely love Dr Pavelka. He makes me never feel embarrassed or dumb for my questions or ailments. He also is very knowledgeable on questions I ask. We're a good match, which is hard to find in a PCP.

Treated me like I was an idiot on this visit. Overall very eager to get me out of his office

He came off to me as somewhat arrogant and pretentious. I fully understand I am not a doctor, but I do research things pertaining to my own health and well-being, and was made to feel that anything I said or had researched was an affront to his education. [...] I thought, at my age of 57, that having a EKG and Echocardiogram to determine my current state, and risk of, heart problems would be prudent. He seemed to disagree, but gave the referral anyway.

Pavelka has poor bed side manners. Would not discuss health issues, wanted put my view down [...]. New patient, visit to introduce ourselves(Left Prov. two yrs. ago). Looking at my two year old records made up his mind about treatment without review of most current (at least two years) health history from current doctor [...]

Dr. Pavelka strikes a good balance between efficiency and personal attention, moving quickly overall while also taking time to listen to my questions and concerns before making recommendations.

Dr. Palveka(sp) is a wonderful doctor. He listened to me, remembered me from a visit from a year ago.