Biography & Education


Doris Onnis has always been interested in babies. As a child in her hometown of Yakima, Wash., she would ask to go to the newborn nursery to admire the babies. In middle school, she would call the hospital every New Year’s Eve just after midnight to ask if the year’s first baby had been born.

Initially, Doris thought about becoming a neonatologist, but ultimately she decided to become a nurse. She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing, then worked for eight years in a NICU where.

After her first child was born, Doris recognized the important role the postpartum nurse played in caring for families. In 1993 Doris was offered the opportunity to work for Providence Home Care providing home visits for mothers and their newborns. At the same time, she began working for Providence St. Vincent Medical Center’s drop-in breastfeeding clinic, which later became Providence Postpartum Care Clinic. 

Doris has been actively involved with the growth of the inpatient and outpatient lactation programs. Thousands of babies later, she is still amazed at “the wonders of the newborn.” 

In addition to spending time with her husband of 25 years and their four children, Doris enjoys archiving family photos and sewing.

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