Biography & Education


Nancy Irland’s interest in obstetrics began when she was 8 years old. “I was raised in Sri Lanka and sat with my mother on the other side of a white curtain in a Catholic hospital, while a family friend gave birth,” Nancy recalls. “When they pulled back the curtain and I saw that baby in the bassinet, and then it curled its little hand around my finger, I knew one day I must be a part of what went on behind that curtain!”

Nancy is a published author of 18 books for children, and is currently working on a screenplay and on a novel about an ancient midwife in Pompeii, Italy.

Areas of expertise


Nancy earned a master’s degree in nurse-midwifery from Oregon Health & Science University. She considers herself a lifelong learner and is currently in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at OHSU.  She aspires to be a nursing professor at least part-time before she retires, so she can pass on her love of nursing to the next generation. Her philosophy of care is that, “patients generally know what is best for them.”


Board Certifications
  • Certified nurse midwife