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With an emphasis on preventive health, including well visits for the entire family, Heidi Dyer, PA-C, believes her most important role is to empower her patients through education.

“My philosophy of care centers around the comprehensive health of the patient,” she says. “My mission is to help patients achieve optimal health by promoting healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.”

Heidi earned her Master of Medical Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Midwestern University in Glendale, Ariz., and specializes in women’s health and well child check-ups.

Originally from northern Idaho, Heidi relocated to Oregon in 2009, where she met her husband Jared. They love exploring the outdoors with their two young sons and volunteering to help veterans.

Areas of expertise

Family Medicine


Bachelor of Science, Health Science Studies: Boise State University

Master of Medical Science, Physician Assistant Studies: Midwestern University, Glendale, Ariz.

  • English

Care Locations

29345 SW Town Center Loop East, Suite 110
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Fax 503-582-2101


Board Certifications
  • Physician assistant


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4.3 out of 5 (123 Ratings, 36 Comments)


Excellent provider.

This was the first visit to this clinic [...]. I had a great experience and am happy to be at this clinic.

Getting a retroactive referral was a little more difficult for the provider. Was not what they were used to.

Providence is great - I have not experienced any ill health in the past and have been pretty stressed out by what is going on with me. Providence have been very re-assuring and helpful in solving my problems and getting me back to good health.

great experience

Nurse was difficult to communicate with.

This was the first time I've been to this provider because I changed insurance after 10 years. My main reason for the appointment was to establish a new doctor and make sure I could get my prescription refills on time - I have MS. She asked all of the necessary questions about each prescription but understood that I've been dealing with MS for over 20 years and the prescriptions are ones that I've been taking for years. Rather than question my need for them, or trying to "see if I can get by without some of them", she understood that they have been working for me and said it would be no problem getting them refilled. I had been to one other doctor since changing my insurance and he questioned my need for every prescription and said he would need to conduct tests to see if "I really needed them". He didn't care that I've been taking them for years now and they have stabilized my health as good as possible. I just wanted to continue with what I've been taking because it works for me. My visit with Heidi Dier was much better. She asked good questions, but most importantly she listened to me. When I told her I've been taking the same prescriptions for years and don't want to mess around with trying new things she understood what I was saying and what I needed. She was wonderful.

I have no plans on going any place difrent I would even commute to visit to this doctor's office Heidi has always been kind considerate and aware of all of the needs that I have whether it be from prescription drugs that I take to personal matters in my life that all play a factor in the my mental and physical health I love this doctor's office and I can't say any more about the staff and about about Heidi

I felt rushed and a bit like I was bothering her. After discussing two of my issues and sending a prescription and a referral for phys. therapy, she abruptly got up and left the room and said her assistant would be in to finish up. I had not had all of my issues addressed. Apparently one is only allowed a certain number of health issues per visit. At no time was I asked if there was anything else that I wanted to talk about. I was dismissed. The necessity for constant typing during a visit is also very annoying, it appears that the typing takes precedence over eye contact and conversation.

I appreciated the friendly atmosphere at the office in Wilsonville. It was hard to find using Mapquest and the receptionist stayed on the phone to guide me in the last couple blocks. This was so helpful. One thing that I was hoping would be different was the time it took to see the provider. My prescriptions needed refilled and I had to wait. Also, I was not feeling well and needed to see someone. Urgent care is not a long term solution and waiting a month to see a provider or receive on going care it too long. The specialist I am now seeing will take two more months to resolve a problem and I really feel crummy!

I was not impressed with the person who performed the preliminary measurements - temperature, blood pressure, etc. - prior to speaking with the provider. I don't appreciate a lecture every time I answer a question. If I'm asked if I want a flu shot and I respond "No", I don't need to hear "Okay, I'll ask again when you're in the hospital." I have reasons for my decision, and it is completely inappropriate for him to mock me for them.

The Physicians Assistant, Heidi Dyer is great - easy to talk to, understands my needs, friendly.

My provider is capable of writing a script and sending you out the door but when the meds don't work and she's asked to do a differentwe are not going to give you anything str onger. I did not ask for anything stronger, I asked for a different pain killer and requested an xray. I was told to go to urgent care. why? I have good insurance with my husband's employer. I won't come back. I had seriously injured my spine in the fall. go to urgent care for your pain meds and I'm not requesting an xray, you'll have to go to an urgent care. unbelievable.

My only very minor complaint is that I felt like most of the things I told the provider I had already told to the assistant. It would be nice not to have to repeat myself quite so much and just get to tell it the provider.

She seemed a bit rushed. I also wasn't clear if she had read any of my medical history - or if she had received it.

it took too long to get in to see the doctor. lead times for all Providence providers has been an issue with the exception of lab work for which has a good turn around time.

I like Heidi Dyer a lot. She always listens to concerns I have about anything.

I feel very comfortable with Heidi.

Easy to get a referral to a specialist, but Providence takes way too long to process/approve the referral.

I have come to rely on Heidi for any medical problems. She always takes the time to listen to my concerns and explain what need to be done in ways that are easy to understand

Heidi was easy to talk with, understanding, and spent a good amount of time with me. We also set up a plan to follow for further visits.

Pleasant & thorough.

Heidi Dyer has always provided excellent service. She is very professional, listens, runs tests if needed, pleasant.

Turnaround time for prescriptions is too slow. Had to make followup call to office to get it sent to pharmacy after last visit

good care

Heidi was very attentive and helpfulShe made good recommendations for possible solutions to things discussed

this provider is great!!

Heidi is great. Very easy to communicate with as well as knowledgeable and caring. She also assists in the health care of my parents, who are in their late 80s.

very professional but at the same time friendly

Heidi is great.

I mentioned concerns about the side effects of a prescription medication that I was on and the provider was very dismissive of my concerns and said the drugs wouldn't cause that problem even though it is listed as a side effect on the prescription paperwork. She was also very dismissive of my other concerns and I felt like she was trying to rush me out.

Heidi was very professional, caring, attentional and expedient. I needed referrals for other providers and she made sure I got them right away.

Heidi was a delight! I asked her many questions that were uncomfortable for me and she was straightforward and professional. After my first question it was easy to ask the next.

All good

I had the worst experience a[…]. Nothing like being made to feel like cattle with a dollar sign over my head. I went to a new patient appointment and was treated like crap […]. I had a few things I wanted to go over and all she kept saying was "make another appointment […]" for almost every subject I wanted to discuss. Sharp pains in my back (didn't bother to check) make another appointment […] Chest congestion prescribed drugs but no exams given or tests to find out why I have been congested for 4 months. One of the reasons I went in was for a rash on the back of my head that I wanted her to take a look at and was refused treatment for it. […] When I asked for her to come back in and look at the rash I was told to make another appointment, why do I have to do that when I already did, that's why I was there in the first place. The office manager just called to "apologize" for how I was treated but would not do anything to make up for it. […] If I had been informed of time & subject limit I would have never gone there in the first place. […] Never will I go back there.

With Heidi I always feel that any and all concerns were listened to and addressed.