Living with Congestive Heart Failure



• Your job: right medication, right time, right dose!
• Take your medications at about the same time each day.
• Do not stop or skip doses unless you consult your heart doctor.
• Do not take any supplements or over-the-counter medicines without consulting
  your heart doctor or pharmacist FIRST.
• Ask questions about anything that is unclear.

















• Do not add salt to foods as you cook or at the table.
• Read the Nutrition Facts food label to find the sodium content of a food.
• Learn which foods are high in sodium (see page 27) and make healthier, low-sodium
• Limit fluid intake to 2 quarts a day (2 quarts = 8 cups) or as instructed by

















• Weigh yourself every day – at the same time of day. Use the same scale each time.
it down.

Call your doctor if you:
• Gain weight – 3 to 5 pounds in one to two days
• Have more swelling or shortness of breath than usual
• Have an upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea
• Feel dizzy, have a headache or a change in blood
pressure from your normal readings
• Have muscle aches or a fever
• Run out of a medication