Thoracic Services

Thoracic Surgery

Providence Thoracic Surgery provides specialized surgical treatment for disorders of the chest organs, particularly the lungs and esophagus. As a part of Providence Thoracic Oncology Program, Providence Thoracic Surgery is focused on surgical care of patients with diseases and cancers of the chest. 

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Thoracic Oncology

At the core of the Providence Thoracic Oncology Program is a team of lung cancer experts – medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, thoracic surgeons and pulmonologists – with the patient's condition and personalized treatment in mind. Weekly conferences allow the team to be collaborative in treatment planning, from cutting-edge diagnostic procedures to state-of-the-art surgical options and treatment. 

Many new treatment options have been discovered and researched within the past few years, providing better outcomes and survival benefits. We use the most recent medical developments and clinical trials to give patients the best possible quality of life.