Telestroke: Frequently asked questions

How much does Providence Telestroke Network cost?
There is no fee for non-profit hospitals to participate in Providence Telestroke Network.

How much does the stroke neurologist’s consultation cost the network hospital?
There is no fee per consultation for hospitals subscribed to Providence Telestroke Network.

How does billing work for Providence Telestroke Network?
The consulting telestroke neurologist may bill the patient or the patient’s insurance for the consultation. Your network hospital will bill for emergency department care as usual.

What are the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement policies for Providence Telestroke Network?
Senate Bill 24A requires that all health benefit plans in Oregon reimburse providers for appropriate services that are provided through telemedicine.

How does the telestroke system protect patient confidentiality?
Telestroke is HIPAA-compliant. Site personnel are responsible for obtaining normal patient care consent and HIPAA documentation. Providence uses a HIPAA-secure virtual private network when transmitting any patient health information.

How quickly can I get a consult?
Our stroke experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our response times are typically within five minutes.

What happens if the telestroke equipment fails?
In that unlikely event, technical support is available 24 hours a day. If technical issues cannot be immediately resolved, the telestroke neurologist will complete the consultation over the phone.

Is your goal to transfer as many patients to Providence as possible?
No. To the contrary, our goal is to partner with network hospital physicians and staff to keep patients in their local hospitals whenever possible. Telestroke is a method for rapidly triaging your stroke patients and meeting the most up-to-date treatment guidelines for stroke care.

Am I obligated to send my patient to a Providence hospital?
No. Using the Providence Telestroke Network does not obligate your hospital to send patients to Providence. If a network hospital wishes to transfer a patient to Providence, then transportation, bed placement and guest services will be facilitated by Providence Transfer Center and guided by the consulting telestroke neurologist. Providence Transfer Center can be reached 24 hours a day at 888-777-9599.

Once the Providence Telestroke Network system is up and running, are we obligated to use it?
No. The network hospital physicians and staff may choose to use the telestroke system whenever they deem it necessary.

What if the emergency department physician does not agree with the telestroke consultant?
The final decision for the patient’s care always belongs to the bedside physician. There is no obligation for the network hospital to follow the recommendations of the consulting physician.

Are there liabilities associated with Providence Telestroke Network?
The liabilities are the same as if the consultation were performed in person.

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