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Telemedicine brings critical care expertise to small hospitals

The scenario plays out in countless rural emergency departments around the country: A patient presents with a serious illness that requires specialized expertise to treat.

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How Providence Telecritical Care consults work

Providence Telecritical Care network provides on-demand 24/7 remote consultations

Providence Telemedicine Network - for interested hospitals

If you are a medical professional interested in adding Providence Telemedicine Network to your hospital, we'd like to speak to you.

Telecritical Care Consult FAQ

What is a telecritical care consult?

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[VIDEO] Providence Telemedicine Network is the wave of the future

We are using telemedicine to work with providers across the Pacific Northwest to improve care, keep patients close to home and save lives.

Providence Telecritical Care

Telecritical care delivers lifesaving care to ICUs in communities across the Pacific Northwest.